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Organising hosted web server space for your website

Your website files need to be stored on a computer server that is linked to the internet 24/7 and it is for this that you pay a rental fee. The company that provides this space is  called the host as they maintain the computer server to a high degree of security, efficiency, and speed. The host for your website can be situated in any part of the world. You can contract directly with a large hosting company and manage your hosting activities yourself or you can use an intermediary called a hosting reseller. Ressellers rent a large space from the large hosting companies and mange the interface between them and the website owner similar to wholesale and retail in the food industry.

Gecko Surfing is a reseller of webspace and has been with the same company based in the US. for several years.

The large hosting company would have an industrial sized data centre see below for images of one of a Facebook’s data centres.

Facebook’s Data Centre

Facebook’s second data center on its North Carolina campus is ready for action. The 300,000 square foot facility features the social network’s latest technology. Click the image to see a larger version. (Photo: Rich Miller)

Inside the datacentre

Each data center features four data halls packed with row upon row of cabinets housing Facebook’s servers.  Fresh air enters the building through the second floor “cooling penthouse” and then enters the first-floor data halls through openings in the ceiling above the center aisle. The screens hanging from the ceiling are diffusers, which help circulate the cool air so it reaches the outer edges of 

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