Caring Practitioner

Another Cardiff University Health Sciences website that we initially set up, host and manage.

Sailing to Antartica

Sarah Tanburn booked a trip to Antarctica and requested a website where she could record a daily blog and upload images from her journey.

Advance Decision Assistant

End of Life planning website that supports people of any age write their Advanced decision.

CDOC Training

We were asked to design a website for the Coma and Disorders of Consciousness Research Group from Cardiff University. The website amongst other things is a repositary for the work of this group and is ongoing.

CDOC Training

The Coma and Disorders of Conscienceness Reasearch group required a website where they could deliver online training. The courses where descrete and could only be accessed if permission is given

Sound Women

This Website has been develloped for a community of singers and has a private members area. All music and songs are stored on dropbox but are accesed from the website.

Freedom to Speak Up

A Cardiff University Website that we host and maintain in terms of Backup and security